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Regardless of which package you chose, LSN Auto Detailing prides itself on wowing its customers. The most common phrase we get during the reveal is "Is that my car?" Don't take my word, read our testimonials.


Estimated time: 24 to 48 hours required

Super and Superior packages will make you love your vehicle again, but for the discerning person we offer the Supreme. The Supreme offers all the same services as the Super and Superior packages, however, it aims at full paint-correction with a nano-glass coating, producing a show-car like finish.

The Super and Superior packagesare one-step approaches, whereas the Supreme is a full paint correction service which can include up to a four-step process. We take paint measurements and perform multiple test spots using the least aggressive approach to achieve maximum results. Great care is taken to fully investigate the paint system and how it must be prepared.

Additional Options:

  • Odor Removal, additional charges may apply
  • Rock Chip Repair - Starting at $125.00, additional charges may apply
  • Paintless Dent Removal (Must be scheduled in advance of detail service)
  • Additional Heavy Stain (Interior) removal, additional charges may apply
  • Additional Heavy Scratch Removal, additional charges may apply
  • Ragtop Cleaner and Sealant - $75.00

Once the desired level of correction is achieved, we apply nano-glass ceramic coating. CQuartz/CQuartz UK, or Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating.

Benefits of Nano Glass Coating:

  • High-gloss finish with a wet-like appearance.
  • Maximum protection from any foreign substance that may land on the paint and cause damage.
  • Easy to maintain. Fast-washing since dirt is released easily. Often described as "self-cleaning," coatings repel water, dust, dirt, contamination and protect against bird droppings.
  • Fast drying since it is extremely hydrophobic which makes washing the vehicle much easier. Water rolls off the vehicle quickly.
  • Long lasting. Nano glass coatings generally last between 2 and 7 years with proper maintenance. They will act as the sacrificial barrier between the elements and the surface of your vehicle.
  • Increased scratch and swirl resistance.