The goodness is in the details:

  • Tires are dressed for a clean look.
  • Undercarriage and wheel-wells are treated.
  • Stainless exhaust tips are polished and coated.
  • Exterior glass is clayed and cleaned using Pinnacle Glass Cleaner with water repellent.

Iron Decontamination: Iron decontamination is a process used to remove the build-up of iron and industrial fall-out that has bonded to the surface of your vehicle. The running streaks of red indicate the breakdown of iron fall-out.

Foam Bath Wash: We use paint safe auto-body shampoo that contains natural coconut oils that attach to surface dirt. These oils act as a lubricant. Sand and abrasive grit slide off in the rinse water without scratching the surface.

Detailers Clay: Detailing clay removes above-surface contaminants such such as grease, tar, over-spray and tree sap, which have bonded to the surface of the vehicle's clear-coat finish. Clay restores smoothness to the paint. Smoothness is key for a glossy appearance.

Engine and Engine Bay: We start by steam-cleaning and dressing the engine bay to restore the appearance to like-new condition. (LSN reserves the right to omit this step on older vehicles.)

Wheels, wells and tires: 
Wheels are decontaminated with a safe concentrate approved by BBS, the manufacturer of wheels for Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus. Wheel wells and tires are cleaned and dressed.

Bug and Tar removal: We then remove all the bug and tar that accumulates on the bumper cover and side-body panel surfaces behind front and rear tires.

Additional Options:

  • Odor Remova, additional charges may apply
  • Rock Chip Repair - Starting at $125.00, additional charges may apply
  • Paintless Dent Removal (Must be scheduled in advance of detail service)
  • Additional Heavy Stain (Interior) removal, additional charges may apply
  • Additional Heavy Scratch Removal, additional charges may apply
  • Ragtop Cleaner and Sealant - $75.00
Serving the greater Chandler / Gilbert AZ Area
IICRC Certified



Estimated time: 8 to 12 hours required

This is our most popular full-detail service. It is designed to bring your daily-driver to a like-new appearance at an affordable price-point. We use a one-step approach to remove oxidation, light-to- moderate scratches and swirls, and a final step of Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax, the best show-car caranuba wax to lock-in the shine. The inside gets our extensive full-interior reconditioning service.
Our Process:

Polish and Protect: Once the paint is

clean and decontaminated we use a very safe polish that will remove
light-to-moderate scratches and swirls in the clear-coat. The removal of these defects will leave a glossy like-new appearance.
We then protect the paint with the world's best Brazilian Carnauba wax; Pinnacle Liquid Souveran.

Interior: This package includes our full interior reconditioning service: 

  • Vacuum floor mats, carpets, seats and trunk.
  • Shampoo/Carpet-Extract mats and carpet (spot-stain removal if required).
  • Shampoo/ Carpet-Extract fabric seats (spot-stain removal if required).
  • Leather seats, dash, doors and arm rests are cleaned and conditioned.
  • Gauges are cleaned with a plastic-safe cleaner.
  • Vents, nooks and cup holders are cleaned.
  • Interior glass cleaned.
  • Dashboard, interior doors, all plastic and door jams are cleaned.
  • Head-liner and visors are inspected and cleaned as required.
  • All vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces are enhanced to a non-greasy, satin luster with Pinnacle Vinyl Rubber Protectant.
  • All interior glass is cleaned.