Unlike our Super and Superior packages, which are formulated for daily drivers, in that they typically get a more "aggressive" interior and exterior wash, and will require more paint correction, new vehicles will obviously require less aggressive correction.

After a gentle wash, the vehicle will get decontaminated and clayed. From there, we will evaluate the paint and polish as necessary and protect the vehicle's surface with a Nano-Glass Ceramic Coating.

In addition to the paint, the interior will be prepared and protected.

We apply protection to the wheels, exhaust tips, all new plastic, vinyl, chrome and glass surfaces.

Think about this: You'll notice that the time we spend on your new vehicle is 12 to 24 hours. The dealership spends less than one hour prepping your vehicle from the time you shake hands with the sales persons to the time you leave the finance office with your keys.

We recommend that you contact us as soon as you take delivery of your new vehicle. This will save you money and properly protect your new purchase.

New Vehicle Prep
Estimated time: 12 to 24 hours required
New vehicle prep is a hybrid of any of our three packages. You new vehicle must have less than 1500 miles on the odometer to qualify. Less exposure and being in new condition will result in less correction with more focus on preparation and protection.

Clear-coats on modern vehicles are getting thinner due to government VOC compliance and EPA regulations. Typically, a modern base-coat/clear-coat is the thickness of a post-it-note
(roughly 3 to 4 mils). Preparing and protecting a new vehicle is essential for maintaining a glossy appearance throughout your ownership.

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